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Smith and Legend

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Before science, people explained how the world works with myth -- the sun was Apollo's chariot wheel,thunder was the dwarves bowling, Dick Cheney was the offspring of a cockatrice and Elmer Fudd, that sort of thing. Time marches on, but we still have legends and superstitions and weird beliefs of all stripes... and several of them got in Tom's face, or vice-versa, in new and interesting ways. From warning labels to Wikipedia, from sidekicks to space opera, and including two zombie apocalypses (apocalypsi?), Tom once again brings the weird, the wacky, and the occasionally poignant. The bonus track is a rockin' cover of Leslie Fish's seminal space anthem, "Hope Eyrie" (which you can also download from the Free Stuff page).

You can also buy the songs individually:

052 -- (Don't Gotta Be A) Big Star Listen  
051 -- Undead Happy Trees Listen
050 -- I'm On Firefly Listen Download Free
049 -- WikiPirates Listen  
048 -- Dead Again Listen
047 -- Everything Is Dangerous Listen
046 -- iDon'tCare Listen
045 -- Sidekick Listen
044 -- Blog Like It's The End Of The World Listen
043 -- The World Is Against You Listen
042 -- Online Ghost Listen
041 -- Waking Up Jedi Listen Download Free
040 -- Smash The Frickin' Fairies Listen
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