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Stars In Our Eyes

Words: © 2003 by John C. Bunnell
Reproduced with permission
Music: "A Boy And His Frog" by Tom Smith

Columbia’s down, so they tell us;
There’s video on the TV;
The contrail stretched across Texas,
And they’re out searching now for debris;
It hurts just to watch, and it’s tragic;
I’ll mourn for the seven we’ve lost;
But I’m asking myself, as I take in all in,
If all of it’s still worth the cost....

We’ve left our footprints across the moon’s oceans;
Where else do we need to go?
Surely our robots can test out the notions
Scientists think we should know.
There’s enough to demand our attention
Here on Earth, without dreaming of Mars;
If in safety we’d tread, best to gaze straight ahead
Lest we stumble, our eyes on the stars.

It’s been thirty-odd years since we conquered our fears
And from atmosphere’s chains we broke free;
Magicians, though, don’t do tricks over,
And given the risks, why should we?
This isn’t the first time we’ve faltered;
The price of a slip is so high;
And it’s not just the heroes who pay it--
For we all share the pain when they die.

No one can blame me for crying;
For wanting the sorrow to end;
But it’s not so easy to silence
A dream as I’d like to pretend....
Stargazers won’t stop crusading,
Urging us into the night;
And the truth is, if I’m honest,
That the dreamers, for once, have it right....

There’s so much out there that still needs exploring;
So many wonders to see;
Out past the moon who knows what might be soaring;
Who wants to go look? Maybe me....
Sometimes we just need to remember:
Not to play is to forfeit the prize;
Though the rocket’s flame stings, it will temper our wings
As we fly
Above the sky,
With stars in our eyes.

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