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Some of these things, you've never heard of. Some of 'em, you didn't know were still around. And some will change your life for the better.

These are, to my mind, some of the absolute best links on the 'Net. This is also only a taste; I haven't even got everything that I really think is essential up here yet, and I'm finally going to make the list I should have made a long time ago. (Astute visitors will notice that several categories haven't even been filled out yet. This is because my research on the 37-hour day has been postponed. But I will have them, and possibly some more, filled out nicely before next week.)

If you find a link that you think I should have, or if one of these links doesn't work, please e-mail me.

Art and Artists

Comedy and Comedians

Comics - Online Strips

Comic Books and Creators

Computers - Resources

Food - Recipes

Food - Restaurants

Food - Special

Fun - online

Fun - Real-World

Games - Computer

Games - Non-Computer

Games - Online


Good Causes




Movies and TV

Music - Artists

Music - Creation

  • Acid Planet
  • Band in a Box

Music - Legal

Music - Lyrics


Music - Online Radio


News - General


News - Techie


Political - Activism

Political - Blogs


Political - Resources

References & Resources - General

References & Resources - Language

References & Resources - Religion

References & Resources - Science


Web Design

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