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Cthulhu Ctharols

Words: © 1983 by Tom Smith
Music:"The Beer Barrel Polka" by Timm, Zeman, Vejvoda, and Brown; "O Tannenbaum" (German trad.)
I wrote these years before I ever heard of filk. I think they still work real well. The second one in particular is hilarious if you perform it as the original is typically performed, i.e., a slow, devout choral.

Worship Cthulhu

Wor... ship... Cthulhu,
Worship Cthulhu today!
Wor... ship... Cthulhu,
Our high priest will show you the way!
Sing... to... Cthulhu,
Raise all your voices on high,
Now's the time to worship Cthulhu,
Or you're going... to... die!

Wor... ship... Cthulhu,
And you'll never worship in vain.
Wor... ship... Cthulhu,
It's better than dying in pain.
Sing... to... Cthulhu,
Raise all your voices in fear,
Now's the time to worship Cthulhu,
'Cause CTHU...LHU'S... HERE!

O Yog-Sothoth

O Yog Sothoth, O Yog Sothoth,
We worship you, O Yog Sothoth.
Who's Santa Claus, who's Jesus Christ?
We worship Yog 'cause he's not nice.

We'll celebrate with some stray dog,
Which we'll carve up and serve to Yog.
O Yog Sothoth, O Yog Sothoth...
We beg you, do not eat us.

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