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Felis Draco

Words and Music: © 2005 by Tom Smith
The person who commssioned this song wanted me to do Harry/Draco without being explicit. And I ended up really enjoying the challenge, and the song.

This... cannot be.
Not... you, not me.

Dragon soul, lion heart,
In control, torn apart,
Icy blue, deepest green
Me and you, naught between....

Every day, death is near,
Don't betray any fear
Who can say? Who can hear?
Who's the prey iisn't clear.

I tighten round you till you shout,
I catch your pulse between my jaws,
I feel the trembling down your spine,
I pin you down beneath my paws,
I dread the day they find us out,
I hold your gaze and we both see,
How did I live till you were mine,
How deeply you belong to me.

Why can I not strike you down?
Why is your touch so profound?
How I savor every sound,
In your eyes I swear I'll drown.

Dragon heart, lion soul,
Found our start, lost control.
No one knows, no one sees
One of those mysteries....

Every day, how we fight
Can't betray what's at night
Me and you, all unseen,
Icy blue, deepest green....

Me and you....
Naught between....

Cannot be....

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