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Go Drosophila Go

Words and Music: © 2008 by Tom Smith
Another kids' song, this one about our friend the fruit fly. I just love that people will drop food, get into car wrecks, and generally thrash around like crazy trying to avoid something that would be crushed by an eyelash. I just hate that I'm one of those people. (And I must relate that Rob Balder said, "This song's pretty fly.")

We come
In through a rip in the window screen
And the good vibrations of the washing machine.
There are kids and a dog but we just can't stop,
There's a ripe banana on the countertop.
And if we had 'em, we'd stuff our cheeks,
There's enough for us to live on for weeks,
If you toss it out, it's too late anyway,
We're here and we're here to stay.

And we're friendly, harmless little tiny flies,
And we're up your nose and in front of your eyes.
Why we keep coming back you'll never know,
Go! Drosophila, go!

Our full name is Drosophila Melanogaster,
And you'll wish you could send us to Madagascar.
The slightest morsel or the smallest drop
Is an invitation to set up shop.
A hot dog bun or a week-old peach
Will be invaded like Omaha Beach.
A potato chip or an orange rind,
Is a big honkin' neon sign.

And you've used enough Lysol to kill Rodan,
But you missed one grape in the garbage can.
Might as well give up, it's the status quo,
Go! Drosophila, go!

In genetics research, we're a plus,
We've got big DNA and we breed like us.
We could've had a science career, it's true,
But we'd rather hang around right here with you!

We don't understand why you're afraid of flies,
'Cause you're only a billion times our size.
We're as big as the dot on the letter "i",
But you flail like Frankenstein when we come by,
Bring your sticky paper, your Off and Raid,
We were already dying and our eggs are laid,
You'll think you're finally rid of us when
It starts all over again!

Just abandon your kitchen when we come to play,
You didn't need those calories anyway,
Nyeah-nyeah nyeah nyeah-nyeah nyeah nyeah, you're too slow,
Go! Drosophila, go!
Go! Drosophila, go!
Go! Drosoph-

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