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Happy Conception Day

Words and Music: © 1999 by Tom Smith
I'm gonna get in trouble just for these notes, let alone the song, but... I firmly believe many of the more strident anti-abortion-choice contingent refer to themselves as 'pro-life' to hide their amateur status. Thematically in sync (I hope) with A Handmaid's Tale, this is a warning of what things may be like if the Religious Right ever gets enough clout to take things to their logical extreme, and the day you came out of your mother becomes less important than the day Dad came in your mother.

Happy Conception Day, the day your life began,
Another stone that paves the way for God's eternal plan.
You were not yet completely formed, but part of you was whole,
For God so loved the new unborn, He gave to you a soul.

Happy Conception Day, from whence you did begin,
Your blessed life wiping away your parents' mortal sin,
Their act offended Baby Jesus, and can't be condoned,
But, then again, from fallen trees the sharpest spears are honed.

Our nation is in convergence with
The dictates of our creed,
Our moral sense of urgency
Beat women's selfish greed.

We celebrate this resurgence of
Him risen from His tomb,
And, in nine months, your emergence from
The prison of the womb.

Happy Conception Day, your parents' path, abjure,
We hope you follow The One Way, God's love will keep you pure,
And don't forget tradition and our faith will see you through,
For, if you stray, perdition and damnation wait for you.

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