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Hey Frickin' Nonny

Words and Music: © 2001 by Tom Smith
I have no idea why a holiday song just kinda burst into my head. But there it was, and here it is. Meanwhile, somewhere far away, Burl Ives and Bing Crosby are doing 300 rpm.
Well, at last it is December,
You can tell by all the snow
And the dried-fruit brick provender
From a Christmas long ago.

'Tis a time for joy and gladness,
And for loving every day,
It's a shame that shopping madness
And excess get in the way.

With a hey! and a ho! and a hey nonny o!
What does "hey nonny nonny" mean? I don't know,
But it's hey! and a ho! Hey nonny nonny o,
Well, I guess it's Christmas time.

There's a million sleigh bells ringing,
Two million eyes so bright,
Three million cheap toys singing,
Four million burnt-out lights,

Five million pounds of sugar,
Six million diet vows,
And seven million eggnogs,
That's a lot of hens and cows.

With a hey! and a ho! and a hey nonny o!
How are you? Good to see you! Been fun, gotta go,
With a hey! and a ho! Nonny wicky whacky whoa,
I guess it's Christmas time.

Here's a hope for wintry weather,
Here's a wish for you and yours,
May you all be home together,
Far away from all the stores.

May your heart be filled will love for
Every creature far and near,
And may Santa bring you Dove Bars
And a case of real good beer.

With a hey! and a ho! and a hey nonny o!
There's my melted MasterCard steaming in the snow,
With a hey! and a ho! Hey frickin' nonny o,
I guess it's Christmas time.

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