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Ho! For the Death of Time

Words and Music: © 1992 by Tom Smith
Another song from the still-uncompleted Skullrose And Tourmaline, one I've always imagined as a rowdy drinking song. This is sung by the Lord of Vampires, who has knowledge of a ritual that will allow him to literally rewrite the laws of How The World Works, and blow out the sun, leaving the world a vampire's buffet... and all he has to do is gain control of our hapless heroine, Tourmaline, before the other half-dozen or so villains of the piece. Heh heh heh.

We never have ruled this world, my friends, though at ownership we lie.
No, do not be fooled -- this world is mens', while the Sun is in the sky.
We are all unmade by that burning bane;
Still, a broken blade can inflict no pain --
If its light should fade, only we shall reign,
And the blood will ne'er run dry,
Thus, I swear: The Sun shall die!

For a thousand times a thousand years, our kind has ruled the night.
Forbidden crimes and primal fears have given us our might.
Yet those who hate us know that they
Need only wait for the dawn's first ray
To escape our fate for another day,
Defended by its light.
I say, it ends tonight!

Who should care if they have the day?
Hey! for the life eternal-o!
By night we hunt and they're our prey,
Ho! for the death of Time!

Let them rage at the life we lead,
Hey! for the life eternal-o!
Beneath the Sun they age and bleed,
Ho! for the death of Time.

Our weakness is the key, my friends,
The light we so despise.
We've had eternity, my friends,
In darkness to grow wise.
Our flesh is cold and theirs is hot,
But youth we hold while they do not,
We don't grow old but the humans rot
Before each other's eyes,
For they see each sunrise.

Douse that light and we'll stop the clock,
Hey! for the life eternal-o!
Endless night and deathless stock,
Ho! for the death of Time!

And when the darkness fills the sky,
Hey! for the life eternal-o!
We'll seize the world and bleed it dry,
Ho! for the death of Time!

Hey! for the humans' funeral bell,
Hey for the sound of the final knell,
Now listen, and my plan I'll tell....

The death and dooming of the Sun is not an easy task.
The gods by whom the world is run have prices they will ask.
No wealth or tool could you purloin,
Their hearts are cruel for a different coin,
The living jewel from a goddess's loin
Will buy for us the Sun.
I know of such a one.

Each beating of her heart's a note in a symphony of power.
I'll take her mind and love and throat and pluck her like a flower,
And when it's done and her heart is tame,
The magic won in her mother's name
Will snuff the Sun like a candle flame,
Let that darkness be her dower,
Oh, and how the blood will shower.

Such a mate I vow to wed,
Hey! for the life eternal-o!
And celebrate with a river of red,
Ho! for the death of Time!

Tourmaline will prove her worth,
Hey! for the life eternal-o!
The undead queen of a broken Earth,
Ho! for the death of Time!

Hey! for the humans' funeral bell,
Hey! for the sound of the final knell,
Hey! for the Sun being blown to Hell,
Sing Ho! for the death,
Ho! for the death,
Ho! for the death of Time!

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