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Inconstant Moon

Words: © 1998 by Tom Smith
Music: "Honky Tonk Moon" by Dennis O'Rourke
This song is based on the short story by Larry Niven, and inspired by the fact that I just plain like the original song. For some reason, when I sing it it sounds better to my ear to say "Los Angle-eeze" rather than "Los An-jel-us".

Just now it should be twilight,
But it's not even dark,
Overhead, pale pyrite,
Reflecting quite a spark,
Inconstant moon,
Keep shining on my baby and me.

One last hot fudge sundae,
Together we can share,
Never guessed that, one day,
Nova weather would be there.
Inconstant moon
'll be wipin' out my baby and me.

Through the quick-building storms,
Rain that's too warm,
Buildings seem to melt away,
My heart is gonna burst,
And it's still getting worse,
Winds that can carry a Ferrari,
Things are coming my way.

My arms around my baby,
Shakin' on the floor,
Cigarettes and whiskey
Are our future trading store,
Inconstant moon,
Keep fryin' everybody but we.

Through the godawful din,
The truth is sinkin' in,
The world isn't meltin' away.
It must be a solar flare,
Immense beyond compare,
And the moonlight is less bright,
Think it's going away.

Outside the dark has fallen,
Stars are winking bright,
There's a deadly pall on
Los Angeles tonight,
Inconstant moon,
Was lyin' to my baby and me.

Inconstant moon,
Made pioneers of my baby and me.

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