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Words: © 1998 by Tom Smith
Music: "Love Theme from MST3K" by Joel Hodgson and Charlie Erickson
I'm really cheesed off at the pundits who wonder now if all the Y2K preparation was really worth it, as nothing happened. Uh, guys? Nothing happened, so, whether or not anything would have happened, it was really worth it. (Just think of the same furor these nits would've raised if no one had done anything and all the computers went pffft.) Not much else to say about this one, except it was a quickie, for the 1998 OVFF Songwriting Contest.

In the not-too-distant future,
Two Thousand A.D.,
You're headed for disaster
With your IBM-PC,

The hardware clock will give a yelp,
The software won't be that much help,
Your hard drive will screech to a halt,
Your computer's self-destructing, and it's Microsoft's fault...

They saved money and memory,
Two bits at a time (la la la),
They deflected accusations
About anti-trust crime (la la la),

Now keep in mind that everything runs
On some kind of M.S.-DOS (la la la),
And try to keep your sanity
As you grasp the final cost....

Computers? CRASH!
Airplanes? CRASH!
Wall Street? CRASH!

If you're thinking that we'll beat this thing,
With awesome software hacks (la la la),
Just repeat to yourself, "There ain't no dough,
Congress wants to refund tax".
And Microsoft's screwed us for the year Two Thousand.

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