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Springtime for Sauron

Words: © 2004 by Tom Smith
Music: "Springtime for Hitler" by Mel Brooks
This was suggested by a blog commenter who calls him- or herself "Renato". I loved the idea, and pounced. After I finished it, I wondered if anyone else had done it, so I checked w/Google. There are at least two, but I think mine's better (he said humbly).

Middle Earth was having trouble, what a big long story,
Needed a new Dark Lord to destroy and make things gory,
Where oh where was he, Who could that one be,
We looked around, and then we found We'd wrote a trilogy!

And... now... it's...
Springtime for Sauron and Saruman,
Mordor is happy and gay,
We're marching over Faramir,
Look out, 'cause next is Mithrandir.

Ringwraiths will pour on the terror, man
(Dead guys with red eyes do that),
Springtime for Sauron and Saruman,
Minas Tirith, your white walls are flat.

Springtime for Sauron and Saruman,
There is no chance of defeat,
Springtime for Sauron and Saruman,
C'mon, Balrogs, let's turn up the heat!

I come from the distant South
And that is why I'm Sauron's Mouth!

Don't be stupid, be a smart guy
Come and join the fighting Uruk-Hai!

(Grond Grond Grond Grond Grond Grond)

And... now... it's...
Springtime for Sauron and Saruman,
Winter from here to the West!
Fell Beasts and Trolls and Oliphants --
Humans are gonna soil their pants!

Springtime for Sauron and Saruman,
Corsairs are sailing once more --
Springtime for Sauron and Saruman
Means... that...
Soon we'll be goin',
Gondor will be glowin',
And Sauron will write a Book Four!

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