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Strontium Asp

Words and Music: © 2004 by Tom Smith
Part of the 24-Hour Project. Keywords: strontium, asp; style: Japanese pop.

The playstation game series Metal Gear
Has got a new version every year,
It always stars that Solid Snake,
I mean, he's good, but gimme a break.

I'm a liquid metal guy,
My pyrotechnics light the sky,
I can slither right across the floor --
Who could want anything more?

Strontium Asp, the noble assassin,
Strontium Asp, He's kickin' your ass in,
Strontium Asp, he'll take out that fake,
Strontium Asp, The Real
Solid Snake.

Snake's so proud that he works alone,
Except for Deep Throat on the phone,
Roy, Natasha, and Master Miller,
Whole lotta help for a solo killer.

I'll get around those walking tanks,
A grateful world will give me thanks,
And then I'll get even more outlandish,
Make a Mei Ling, Meryl and Naomi sandwich.

Strontium Asp, the soft metal viper,
Strontium Asp, I'll Wolf down that Sniper,
Strontium Asp, Vulcan's gonna be Raven,
Strontium Asp, I'll turn Ocelot craven,
Strontium Asp, Mantis better be prayin',
Strontium Asp, Octopus I'll be slayin',
Strontium Asp, just wait and see,
Strontium Asp, The Big Boss is
Waiting for me.

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