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h1>The One, They Are A-Changin'
Words: © 1998 by Tom Smith
Music: "The Times, They Are A-Changin'" by Bob Dylan
Some people figure having a cast member from Babylon 5 means your convention will be an instant success, when all it really means is you could afford their appearance fee. One convention ad (spammed all over the Usenet) featured the misspelling "Ambassador Dylann". Gary McGath pointed it out to me, and that's all it took. The "Sheriff Lucas Buck" in the last verse is the character Gary Cole (Captain Matthew Gideon in the B5 sequel series Crusade) played in the astonishing TV series American Gothic... and this one goes out to all the ladies.

Now gather round, people, Minbari and men,
After one thousand years, Shadows come once again,
And although I've mutated, I still am Delenn,
And with time travel we will be savin'
The galaxy from all those Z'Ha'Dum scum,
And to start things off, I've been chaaaangin'.

We need Jeffrey Sinclair, John Sheridan too,
Although Minbar's warriors want them for stew,
But Jeff's Valen, and The One, and John's The One too,
And Babylon Four we'll be stealin' (pronounced "stale-in"),
Of the Ones, I'm the third, don't think 'bout it, you'll hurt
Yourself, please just accept that I'm chaaaangin'.

And later, my Rangers will all try their luck,
In a brand new Crusade, led by Sheriff Lucas Buck,
By Valen, he's gorgeous, does he want to -- (twaaaaang)
Forgive me, this feeling's a strange 'un,
I love John, but fear that in twenty-one years,
I'll provide you more proof that I'm chaaaangin'.

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