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Theme From "Space Squid"

Words and Music: © 2004 by Tom Smith
Part of the 24-Hour Project. Keywords: space, squid; style: rock 'n' roll.

From the other side of the galaxy,
Came a U.F.O. as big as could be,
Out came a giant cephalapod,
Wearing blue spandex on his bod

He said, "All your hostilities, cease!
I'm not an enemy, I come in peace,
I am here to save you from
The deadly menaces yet to come."

He can fight, he can fly,
He always says "do or die",
He's... Space Squid, and he's come here to save the world.

So our hero, the Mollusk of Might,
The Cosmic Calimari, is ready to fight
Against the forces that evil sends
And for his Japanese child friends

This is Ken, and that's his sister,
She had a name, but we musta missed 'er,
And together, these exciting three
Battle against Doctor Sashimi.

He can swim, he can squirt,
You can hit him and he won't get hurt,
He's... Space Squid, friend to every boy and girl.
He's... Space Squid, and he's come here to save the world.

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