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This Ain't Over Yet

Words amd Music: © 2004 by Tom Smith
Awhile back, I came up with this, which sounded to me like the kinda bouncy, plucky, everybody-sing-along thing just before the end of the first act of a musical, one of those pick-yourself-up-dust-yourself-off numbers. Problem was, I couldn't come up with any decent lyrics for it. And so it sat around for a year and a half. Until, just as I was getting this album ready to go to the duplicator, I had a thought: What if that bouncy, plucky, everybody-sing-along, pick-yourself-up-dust-yourself-off number... was sung by the villain who had just got his ass kicked in "Heat Of The Blood"?

You think I'm down,
No more a threat,
But see me? No frown,
This ain't over yet.

You think this is through,
Wouldn't care to bet,
Because I promise you,
This ain't over yet.

So damn good and pure,
Selfless, noble, true,
Like all heroes, so damn sure
It'll all work out for you.

You think yourself my equal,
You made me run away and lose,
But I, my dear, will write the sequel
Another day I choose.

Everything in my life's had a price,
The first one I paid was giving up being nice,
Everything's so much easier when
You just don't care.

Every minute, every hour,
Fight to win a bit more power,
Fighting to win so decisively that
No one would ever dare.

But she dared to walk right to me,
She just looked right through me,
Looking at something inside me that
I won't admit is there.

I will not let her force me
To feel guilt and remorse,
It's war she'll get, and fortunately
I don't fight fair.

I saw in her eyes,
An appetite I'll feed,
Interest she can't disguise,
I'll crank it up to "need".

I will haunt her dreams,
Make her thrash and sweat,
I will turn her moans to screams,
This ain't over yet.

Waking up alone,
Aching with regret,
She'll come find me on her own,
This ain't over yet.

And when it's all done,
She'll be my loving pet,
Never in doubt from the start,
Seduction raised to work of art,
I will not let her break MY heart --
(spoken) This ain't over.

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