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Werewulf (Master of Momitude)

Words and Music: © 2007 by Tom Smith

When the Empty City is dark and cold
We need a hero, extra bold
With hair that's striped with many hues
Hands on her hips and mismatched shoes

By day she's a movie trivia queen
And the friendliest lady you've ever seen
But when danger calls her course is true:
She asks herself, "What would Snake Plisskin do?"

The werewulf (master of momitude)
Greatest hero you'll ever see
The Werewulf (master of momitude)
And she does it stylishly
Wrestling dragons, wrangling cranes,
And on Team Greykell she's the brains
She's the Werewulf (master of momitude)
And never ever forget --
"It's all about me!"

Tomato Eating Girl and Useless Girl
The two best sidekicks in the world
Except of course for her husband Rick
And the most dangerous, black belt Nick

If it weren't enough that she be praised
For all the other kids she's raised
Show up at her house on New Year's Eve
For a costume party you won't believe!

The werewulf (master of momitude)
She doesn't let anything beat her
The Werewulf (master of momitude)
Not even the dumb water heater
With just a glare she'll freeze that damp,
Because she's the world Icebreaker champ
She's The Werewulf (master of momitude)
And never ever forget --
"It's all about me!"

There've been more challenges and more stress
Since she found out she had MS
But she stood up and faced the truth
With the MS Bike Challenge Pirate Booth

She walked fifty miles just 'cause she could,
She watched her weight, and it's all good,
With her family and Team Greykell,
She's got lots more years of raising hell!

She's the Werewulf (master of momitude)
And there's nothin' she can't do
The werewulf (master of momitude)
And her Team Greykell crew
So much to do, so much she's done,
So much to be proud of, and so much fun --
Werewulf (master of momitude)
And never ever forget --
It's all about you.

Hugs and howls!

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