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What Was I Filking?

Words: © 1998 Tom Smith
Music: "What Was I Thinking?" by Christine Lavin
This was a perfect chance to (a) write one song about several things I wanted to do something with, but which weren't really worth a whole song each, and (b) do more Christine Lavin.

It was a last-minute invitation,
To be the Captain of Babylon Five.
... I jumped at the
Chance; since my wife died two years ago,
I've been looking for a reason to be alive.

Now I'm caught in a war and a rebellion,
And the Vorlon's got into my skull,
And if Morden doesn't tell me what happened to my wife,
I'm gonna shove his fraggin' face through the hull.

What was I thinking? What was I, blind?
It's a good thing the Minbari Ambassador looks so divine.
What was I thinking? This stuff, I don't need.
Earthforce isn't blinking, guess it's time to secede.

I was a pediatric fellow in the E.R.,
When my agent called to say, "You're cute."
He said Joel Schumacher would pay millions
To see me in a black rubber suit.

Now, I've worked before with Pfeiffer and Kidman,
Kinda wanted to get into their pants.
Instead I've got a dying butler and two sidekicks,
And Uma Thurman talking to plants.

What was I thinking? What was I, Bats?
How come Gotham City has so many darned open vats?
What was I thinking? Do you get my drift?
Look at Ahh-nult unblinking, he's not Freeze, just a stiff.

Ahh, ahh, ah -- (Open the Pod Bay Doors, HAL.)
Ahh, ahh, ah -- (I'm sorry, Dave, I can't do that.)
Ahh, ahh, ah -- (Why not, HAL?)
... (It could jeopardize the end of the song.)

I stepped into the Quantum Accelerator,
Expecting I would leap through time.
Instead I wound up in someone else's body,
And it turns out that I'm...

A Twenty-First-Century Blues Brother,
Because I'm on a mission from God.
I'm reduced to a high-tech Ann Landers,
Leaping back and forth from bod to bod.

What was I thinking? What's with this show?
My name is Sam Beckett, but this ain't "Waiting For Godot".
What was I thinking? These leaps have no end.
What was I thinking? These leaps have no end.
What was I thinking? These leaps have no end.
What was I thinking? These leaps have no end.
What was I thinking? These leaps have no end.
What was I thinking? -- Oh, boy! Candace Bergen.

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