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Words and Music: © 2004by Tom Smith
It just seemed the right time for a gospel number that Fenton's minions could sing, is all.

These are dark days that try the soul
In so many ways / you feel you've lost control
When you're down and out / and don't know where to turn
In a world full of doubt / there's one thing I've learned
Just four little words that'll help you through:
What would Fenton do?

When the world's gone insane / and the future looks grim
And the president's brain / is as AWOL as him
Between Rumsfeld and Rice / and our creep of a veep
Might as well take advice / from a demon sheep
As the line is blurred / between what's false and true:
What would Fenton do?

Pull the wool o'er someone's eyes, his standard scam,
Working from his computer, he's got a lot of RAM,
He'd fleece the masses, then he'd take it on the lamb,
And whatever occurred, he'd say, "Hey -- Flock ewe",
That's what Fenton'd do.

Vicious and senseless acts of depredation,
Like reruns of The Apprentice in their Klingon translation.
He's the death sheep from hell, he loves chaos and pranks,
Have some sacra-mint jelly / sing his braises, give shanks
If you got flannel in the lanolin, and ruminants in the pants,
This is the time, my friend, to leave mutton to chance,
It's either Bluebird / of Happiness Stew (or ask yourself),
What would Fenton do?
What would Fenton do?

When you're down and out / 'bout to jump off the roof
In a world full of doubt / he's got a helping hoof
Be you frat rat or nerd / be you shmuck or shrew (remember),
What would Fenton do?
And if you think it's absurd / think how George W. (would answer)
"What would Jesus do?"

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