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Support podcasting! It's one of the coolest things there is on an entire Internet full of cool.

I grant radio stations and podcasters the right to use any tracks available for download from this web site for use in their podcasts. The conditions for such use are:

  • the track was obtained legally
  • the track is played in its entirety
  • the name of the track is mentioned, as well as the album where applicable
  • I am credited, e.g., "That was by Tom Smith..."
  • is mentioned, e.g., "... and you can hear more at"
  • is mentioned, if it's one of my songs at The FuMP, e.g., "That's one of Tom's songs at The Funny Music Project, which has a whole lot more comedy at, and you can also hear more of Tom's stuff at"

The iTom songs and the songs I've written for The FuMP are already on the Podsafe Music Network, so if you're there you're already good to go. It'd be great if you could send me an e-mail so I can give a listen and pimp your podcast.

If you would like higher-quality audio, or have any questions, problems, requests, or rejoinders, please contact me at Please use your podcast site or station e-mail.

Podcasts That Play My Songs

Here's a (very incomplete) listing of podshows I know of that have played my stuff, where they originate, and their pages on the Podsafe Music Network (PMN) where applicable. (Some of these podcasts seem to be defunct, or at least on hiatus [although you can usually still download song and episodes]; those are marked with an asterisk.) Those that have been very supportive, i.e., played me a lot, are in bold.

If you know of a podcast that's played me and it isn't on this list, please e-mail me and let me know. I've been on a lot of podcasts, and I'm updating this frequently, so check back every couple of days.

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