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Toss ANY amount of money in the Virtual Open Guitar Case and get "Mr. Smith Goes To The Hospital", a really cool cover album with over 40 tracks by some of Tom's best friends, including Rob Balder, the great Luke Ski, ShoEboX, Devo Spice, Bill Sutton, Possible Oscar, DJ Particle, and many more! To donate, just click on the guitar case (this does NOT add anything to your Shopping Cart --
it's a separate transaction from any purchases)

SponsorSmith Program

Tom Smith Online now has a subscription service. Tom is crankin' out new music all the time -- original songs, instrumental pieces, live shows, the occasional cover tune -- and the high-quality versions all go out to subscribers before they go out to the general public.

There are three options: 3 months ($20, $6.67 per month), 6 months ($30, $5.00 per month), and 1 year ($50, $4.17 per month). This gets you access to a bunch of audio, all of which will be available for at least a month before it rotates out. Right now there are five or six live shows, and three original tracks from the forthcoming album Sins of Commission 3.

Note: The mechanics of how this thing works are going to evolve over the next few weeks, as Tom figures out all the code 'n' stuff. If things don't work, please e-mail and we'll get it fixed as quickly as possible.

BIG IMPORTANT THING: At this point, the subscription renews itself automatically. (Like I said, I'm still figuring this out.) If you do not want this to do so, I'm pretty sure you have to set it to renew manually at your PayPal page. I'll get it all fixed up as quickly as possible, and if you feel you deserve a refund, e-mail me and we'll make things right.

There will be a lot more music over the coming months, so click on the "Subscribe" button, support your local internet artist and join the fun!

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